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Here at Livingston Asphalt, we can build you that beautiful retaining wall you've been wanting, either for functionality or aesthetics. We work with Fendt Products out of Ann Arbor, Michigan who provides a large variety of styles, shapes, and colors of different stones. Dreaming of a walkout patio but your current landscaping won't allow it? We can make it happen!

We also offer other services, check below! Not sure if its something we do? Just ask and we'll help you accordingly!

Retaining Walls and Patios

Detention Pond Clearing and Cleaning

Catch Basin Repair and Install

Catch Basin Repair

Catch Basin Repair

Failing catch basins, man holes, and storm drains can be a big and dangerous problem on your property. Cars can fall into them causing a big liability problem and insurance payout. Give us a call to evaluate your situation and receive a quote for proper repair. We can also install new catch basins in an existing parking lot that is having drainage and water problem including tying them into your existing storm drain system. Many times when new parking lots are installed, they put asphalt pads around them. Asphalt is not strong enough to support and provide the strength that a storm drain or catch basin needs. We will install a 4500psi concrete pad with 1/2" rebar around your basin once the repairs are completed, providing the necessary strength and stability. 

Line Striping


We use an airless striping machine to produce crisp clean lines when marking designated parking areas or symbols on the pavement. Special markings such as words or handicap signs are not a problem!

Speed Bumps and Signs


Need a speed bump or parking signs installed? No problem! Livingston Asphalt can install a variety of signs as well as speed bumps to slow down traffic across your property.